By: PNHS on Oct. 16th, 2018

This was the second consecutive championship for Glorioso, but the first for Southern Will. Glorioso took top honors last year on her other Thoroughbred named Turtle. They earned the title by winning the Ladies' Hunter Sidesaddle Hack, coming in second in the Ladies' Hunter Sidesaddle Under Saddle, and fourth in the Ladies' Hunter Sidesaddle Over Fences.


Ashleigh Glorioso and Southern Will
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"It feels great to win. I didn't expect it because this was his first time indoors and his first year going sidesaddle," said Glorioso of the ex-racehorse. "I am really happy with him because he is really green. For him to come in here at his first indoor show and take everything in stride gives me a great sense of accomplishment for him. It is a testament for the Thoroughbred breed to be able to do so well in this environment."
Sidesaddle Reserve Champions Amy Jo Magee and Little Lady 
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The reserve championship title was shared between two entries, Amy Jo Magee of Coatesville, PA, riding Little Lady and Julie Bigham of Ashton, MD, on Pas de Chat. Each received a total of 14 points in the division, so the judges decided to leave the tie unbroken, which was just fine for Magee.
"We raced on Saturday in a sidesaddle race in New York and we came here today not expecting to do real well because of just racing a few days ago, but she just went in there and ate the course up," said Magee of the 11-year-old Hanoverian mare. "I just wanted to come and have a good time because my Uncle, who lives in Harrisburg, was going to come and watch. He wasn't able to come because he was not feeling well, so that was disappointing, but I still had a good time because my mare did so well."
Sidesaddle Reserve Champions Julie Bigham and Pas de Chat 
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Bigham also had no expectations of winning anything on her 15-year-old Thoroughbred mare because they had a bit of trouble in the division last year.
"It feels amazing, she felt so great," said Bigham. "I was absolutely not expecting to win anything because last year we had a bunch of problems, so my main goal this year was just to get around and have a good time. She has been going so much better this year, so I was hoping that the possibility was there and she lived up to it. It was a great way to end our season."