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By: Violet Forbes on Oct. 17th, 2016

Sam Ruttura and Quinn.  Al Cook

Only four riders out of a starting field of 30 managed to score in the 80’s.  Ruttura and Quinn scored an 86.0, the second best of the first round.  In the second round Quinn posted an 81.0 to take the win.

“It was really exciting,” said Ruttura.  “It’s my first time here.  He is a pretty new horse for me, we only got him in April.  He has been just a dream to get to know.  He is really straightforward to ride.  He is a little forward but once you figure out the pace, everything works out.  We get along really well.  We keep forgetting that he is as young as he is.  He has such a good brain and we get along really well, which I think is the most important thing. 

I was excited that we qualified for the NAL Finals.  I had never been before and so the goal was to just come and get around and have fun.  We haven’t shown all that much but he has been consistent in the Classics, so we came to Harrisburg to give it a shot.  I chose the NAL because not many shows of this caliber have the 3’ divisions.  They are kind of forgotten at some shows.  So, to find a big indoor show that had a class like this was great, but I never expected to win.  I am a true amateur with a full time normal job so I don’t get out to ride nearly as much as I would like.   I am excited about what the future is going to bring.  It has been a dream since I got him.  I am so lucky to have him.”

Samantha Ruttura and Quinn.  Al Cook

The second place award went to Carrera and Melanie Jeanes with a two-round score of 166.0. Helen Voss and Proseco 24 placed third with 158 points.