Your Support Makes A Difference – We Want your Bidness!

The 2019 Silent Action Will Be Held October 10 – 19 at the 74th Annual PA National Horse Show
Participating Companies are listed below with live links. Bids will be accepted on-site during the Show.

1901   Staybridge                         2 Night Stay

1902   Farrier Fix                          Gift Basket

1903   Fly Free Design                  8x 10 Custom Portrait

1904   Redingote                           Cold Weather Jumpsuit

1905   Breyer Model Horses          Model Horse: "Zipped in Black Magic" -
                                                          2017 PNHSF Therapy Horse of the Year!

1906   Turkey Hill Experience         4 Passes

1907   PNHS Foundation                Grand Prix Package 2020

1908   Shapley’s                             Basket of Products

1909   Pride of the Susquehanna   Riverboat Cruise

1910   Deuce Gibb Salon               $50.00 Gift Certificae

1911   Terry Rowe                          Pet Portraiture Certificate

1912   Dan Houck                           Small Wooden American Flag-Hand Painted

1913   Café Huey                            Restaurant Certificate

1914   Rattled Up Creations            Painting

1915   Dan Houck                            Large Wooden American Flag-Hand Painted

1916   Mangia Qui & Rubicon          Gift Certificate (1) each Restaurant

1917   South Mountain Carriage Rides      Gift Certificate

1918   Doggie Delights                     Doggie Basket

1919   Upper Echelon                       5-Free Hours of Tutoring

1920   Tracy Baker                          2 Custom Painted Chairs

1921   Spring Gate Vineyard           Wine Tasting for up to Ten Guests

1922   Iron Valley Golf Club            Round of Golf for up to 4 Players

1923   Fly Free Design                  Hand Painted Jack Russell Wine Glasses (2)

1924   The Clothes Horse             PA National Horse Show Wool Dress Sheet

1926   Equilibre                              Hand, Face & Body Cream

1927   PA National                         Cheese platter, set of 4 wine glasses and
           Horse Show Foundation           silver plate: all engraved with PNHS logo

1928   Art of Riding                         Boot Bag, Bridle Bag, Garment Bag, Saddle Cover, Stirrup Bag, & Tote