Pennsylvania National Horse Show Foundation Unveils New Tagline

Harrisburg, PA – The Pennsylvania National Horse Show Foundation has been dedicated to “Enriching Lives Through Equestrian Sport” since 1999, and now that mission has become the Foundation’s tagline, unveiled earlier this week.

Each year, the PNHS Foundation awards grants to approved equine rescues and therapeutic riding organizations, with funds distributed to 31 non-profit programs in 2021. The allocation of these grants is only made possible thanks to the high-caliber equestrian sport held annually at the Pennsylvania National Horse Show, next running October 13-22, 2022.

“The PNHS is so much more than just a horse show,” said Susie Shirk, Executive Director of the PNHS. “Many people are familiar with the competition that takes place at the PNHS each year, but far fewer people realize that that competition is also having a direct, positive impact on the lives of both the horses and humans involved with therapeutic riding and approved equine rescue programs. We wanted a tagline that reflects that, and ‘Enriching Lives Through Equestrian Sport,’ really encompasses our mission.” 

In addition to supporting equine non-profit organizations, the PNHS is home to the LifeVac PNHS Therapeutic Riding Championships, introduced in 2016 and now held annually on “Foundation Friday.”

Riders must qualify for the Championships by competing in designated qualifying classes held at various local horse shows throughout the summer, with the Championships serving as a highlight culmination of the year. The Foundation Friday Championships provide a great opportunity for these outstanding riders to be a part of one of the oldest and most prestigious horse shows in the country.  

To learn more about the PNHS Foundation or to make a contribution, click here. In addition to direct donations, the PNHS Foundation is largely funded thanks to generous horse show sponsors. To learn more about tax-deductible horse show sponsorship opportunities, click here.

The PNHS Foundation is dedicated to “Enriching Lives Through Equestrian Sport” through the allocation of grants to approved equine rescues and therapeutic riding organizations and through the hosting of the LifeVac PNHS Therapeutic Riding Championships. Photo by Brittany Ann Photography

“[The PNHS Foundation’s] generosity is greatly appreciated,” said Jennifer Hitz, Chief Development Officer of Leg Up Farm. “In 2022, we hope to provide over 20,000 therapy appointments, and we continue to work hard every day to meet the demand from our community for quality, comprehensive, therapeutic programs and services. We could not provide these services without the support received from the PNHS Foundation and other generous friends and neighbors.”

Applications for the 2022 PNHS Foundation grants will be made available in July.