Show Hunters Strut Their Stuff

Mindful and Kelley Farmer.  Al Cook –

“This horse is an unbelievable animal and he proves himself every single week,” said Farmer.  “He knows when it counts.  I was really pleased. This is such a prestigious horse show and so fantastic, you get the best of the best, so to win here is special.”

Farmer also rode Point Being to the Grand Green Hunter Championship.  Point Being showed in the Second Year Green Division, garnering enough points, 30, to take the Grand title.  For their efforts the pair took home the Kimberton Hills Challenge Trophy, which has been given at the Pennsylvania National Horse Show since 1963.

Point Being and Kelley Farmer.  Al Cook – www.alcookphoto,com

“The horses were great this week, both of them,” Farmer added.  “But I was really proud of Point Being because he doesn’t have nearly the experience and he really stepped up to the plate.  He went nicely last week at Capital Challenge and the whole class he was second to Mindful in the High Performance Division.  He was just coming into his own.  Then this week he was amazing.  So I could not be happier with both of them.  They were fantastic.”

Havens Schatt piloted Custom Made around the ring to take home the First Year Green Championship.  “This is the third year that I have been First Year Champion,” said Schatt.  “Obviously on three different horses.  I think it’s kind of special to have come to Harrisburg with three different horses for three different owners and have the same result.  This is the horse show where everybody wants to come. For me, it is very special.”