LifeVac Therapeutic Riding Championships

The 2022 Therapeutic Riding Championships will take place on Foundation Friday, October 21st at The Pennsylvania National Horse Show, in the Main “Harrisburg” Arena at the Farm Show Complex in Harrisburg, PA. Initiated in 2016, Foundation Friday is the setting for 2 Riding Championships – Assisted and Unassisted – and the presentation of the Foundation "Therapy Horse of the Year" Award.

Riders compete for PNHS ribbons and a trophy. Riders also receive donated products from sponsors and vendors. 

2022 Qualifying
Riders may qualify for these championship classes by competing at any one of the following qualifying events:

July 10 – Walnut Grove Farms, LLC, 3901 Schoolhouse Road, Dover, PA
September 10 – Friendly Horseman’s Club, 260 Kline Rd, Denver, PA
September 11 – Columbia Riding Club, 18th & Franklin St., Columbia, PA

Participants in any of these designated shows/classes will be invited to compete in the Therapeutic Riding Championships at this year’s Pennsylvania National Horse Show.



2021 Therapeutic Championships Results  _________________________

The 2021 Therapeutic Riding Championships were held on "Foundation Friday", Oct. 22, sponsored by LifeVac. Two Therapy Championship classes were awarded – Walk and Walk/Trot. Riders qualified by competing in designated shows over the summer: Friendly Horseman’s Club in Denver, PA; Walnut Grove Farms, LLC in Dover, PA; and Leg Up Farm in Mount Wolf, PA.

Winning the Walk Therapy Championship was Olive Bennett from Walnut Grove Farms, LLC. Reserve Champion went to Noah Yahasky, also from Walnut Grove Farms. Winning the Walk/Trot Therapy Championship was Kendall Fetrow from Leg Up Farm, with Drew Schlasta winning Reserve from Walnut Grove Farms, LLC. Classes judged riders’ abilities on equitation, position and communication with their horse.

Also awarded was the 2021 “Therapy Horse of the Year” – presented to “Z” from Special Equestrians, Warrington, PA. “Z” is a 17 year old, 16.1 hand bay Irish Sport Horse, with a heart at the top of his blaze - appropriate for his sweet soul!

Walk Division Winners: Olive Bennett, 2021 Champion and Noah Yahasky, 2021 Reserve Champion.
Also shown:
Arthur Lih, founder and CEO of LifeVac (left).





              2021 Walk/Trot Therapy Champion Kendall Fetrow >





2021 Therapy Horse of the Year, "Z"


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