LifeVac Therapeutic Riding Championships

2022 Therapeutic Championships  _________________________

The 2022 Therapeutic Riding Championships were held on "Foundation Friday", Oct. 21, sponsored by LifeVac. Two Therapy Championship classes were awarded – Walk and Walk/Trot. Riders qualified by competing in designated shows throughout the summer: Walnut Grove Farms, LLC in Dover, PA; Friendly Horseman’s Club in Denver, PA; and Columbia Riding Club in Columbia, PA.

Winning the Walk Therapy Championship was Brendan Budd (LEFT) from Walnut Grove Farms, LLC. Winning the Walk/Trot Therapy Championship was Emily Smith (RIGHT). The riders were judged on equitation, position and communication with their horse.

The “Therapy Horse of the Year” was sponsored by Susan Harmon. This year’s winner was  presented to Walnut Grove Therapeutic Center’s Slam Dunk – better known as “Duncan.” An 18 year old American Quarter Horse, he is the “steady-Eddy” of the barn and the go-to-horse for new and timid riders. Duncan is one who will always leave a hoofprint on the many hearts he touches!

The Championships are sponsored by LifeVac – a company producing an upper airway clearing device to provide the safest, simplest method to save an aspirating person.

The vision of LifeVac came from Arthur Lih, founder and CEO of LifeVac: to save as many lives as possible throughout the world. Arthur, Dr. Brody, and a few close friends set out to bring LifeVac to the public by establishing a research and development facility located right here in the USA, in Springfield Gardens, NY. To date, LifeVac has saved 549 lives! Check out their simple yet miraculous product at




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