In recognition of their extraordinary efforts, commitment and dedication to
excellence in horse showing and the Pennsylvania National Horse Show.

                     2013:  Gerry Hempt  •  Frank Chapot

                   2014:  Irvin S. Naylor  •  Steve Stephens

                   2015:  Mary "Polly"  Gingrich Brand Caswell  •  Rodney Jenkins

                   2016:  Mary Mairs Chapot  •  Harry Rittenhouse Gill

                   2017:  Joe Fargis  •  John Sterling

                   2018:  Jack Stedding  •  Leslie Burr Howard

                   2019:  Rick & Didi Hornberger  •  Idle Dice

                   2021:  Elizabeth “Beezie” Madden    John Franzreb III

                   2022:  Sallie Busch Wheeler & Kenneth Wheeler, Sr.Betty Oare


This beautiful Hall of Fame exhibit, presented by the Wheeler Family, made its debut at the
2016 Pennsylvania National Horse Show. Visit us in 2023 and watch it grow!