Wonderly, an 8-year-old gelding, and Stewart were awarded the 3’6″

Green Hunter division Championship and the Frances Newbill Rowe Challenge Trophy, with four wins out of the five classes contested.  The only class that they did not win went to Parker’s other horse in the division, Luster, who was named Reserve Champion. 

“You have to have the right partnerships,” said Dr. Parker.  “Scott and I have always known that we have virtually the same eye for a horse.  Sometimes we don’t even have to try a horse out.  We can just see that it is going to develop.  We are kind of on a wavelength and always have been.  There is something to be said for the partnership. The amazing thing about Scott is that he will not take no for an answer, not from any horse or from any rider.  There is no such thing as no.  They are going to do it.  And it does seem to win the day if you just stick with it

“I have had Wonderly since he was a four-year-old, and Luster I got two years ago.  I was not real keen on Wonderly, I thought that he kind of slipped off of his best in the second and third year that we had him, but he has made tremendous strides in the past year.  In this last year he has just been shining.

 “I think that it does help in producing champions if you can hold onto them and keep the same program, if they are happy with the program,” continued Parker.  “Not making switches all the time. Tweaks not switches.  Horses are like people, they have a tremendous emotional life and you have to honor that.  Every single one wants something different from you and you have to give it to them to make them happy.  They have to be happy or they are not willing to do for you.”

The 3’9” Green Hunter Champion was Patriot with Hunt Tosh riding for the Wheeler Family.  The pair won two classes, one with the highest score to date, a 92, and were second, fourth and fifth, earning the John R. Sterling Memorial Perpetual Trophy.  Reserve Champion was Stewart with the Fashion Farm entry, Captivate.

“He was nice yesterday, maybe a little rusty,” said Tosh.  “Then today he went in and won both classes.  He is a great horse, he always tries, so this is a great win.  I have had him for three years now.  He has always been good.  He is a family favorite for the Wheelers, they love him and of course they are wonderful people and owners.  He is very sweet and he is a beautiful jumper, and every time we show him he tries. Obviously, you win with a horse like that.  Ken [Wheeler] drove up from Virginia to watch him go, and I told him that he is my lucky charm today.”

Stewart returned to center ring with yet another of Dr. Parker’s horses, Cameo, a 10-year-old gelding, to be presented with the High Performance Working Hunter Championship for the Cismont Manor Farm Challenge Trophy, which they retired, as Cameo was the third of Dr. Parker’s horses to win it.  Cameo won two classes in the division, and was second, third and fourth in the remainder of the classes.  Rock Harbor with Louise Serio riding for owner Jennifer Burger, was Reserve Champion.

“Are there any more trophies for me to get?” joked Stewart as he exited the ring after the win.  “This is only his second show since Devon He doesn’t need to do a lot.  He is such an easy horse he doesn’t need a lot of miles.”

“He likes to surprise us,” said Parker.  “As a Second Year Green he didn’t have a particularly great year and then he went to Washington and stunned us and went Champion.  Then the next year in High Performance he wasn’t spectacular and he stunned us again at Washington and went Reserve Champion, then at Devon went Grand, and now he has retired the Cismont Manor Trophy.”