The PA Farm Show Complex

The Pennsylvania National Horse Show’s

TWO-Ring Venue

2300 North Cameron Street, Harrisburg, PA 17110

The Pennsylvania National Horse Show (PNHS) has been held at The Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex & Expo Center in Harrisburg, PA, throughout its 78-year history. In 1997, the site included 60 acres of parking and nearly 14 acres of exhibition space. In 2001, work began on a $76 million expansion which enlarged the indoor space to 24 acres, including a new 134′ x 250′ indoor ring.

Each year, the PNHS enhances the facility by installing stabling and creating inside schooling arenas and vendor spaces. Competitions at the PNHS are now held in two arenas, the Harrisburg Coliseum and the Keystone Arena, each with its own warm-up arena. A third schooling space, the West Hall Schooling Arena, was added in 2022.

Located in Pennsylvania’s capital city of Harrisburg, the PA Farm Show Complex is just minutes away from more than 8,500 hotel rooms, making it a convenient facility to host the Pennsylvania National Horse Show. The local region offers a variety of historical sites, attractions, dining and shopping options.

In 2020, while closed to events due to the pandemic, the PA Farm Show Complex facility was not sitting untouched. Since that spring, the complex has undergone significant renovations, with $21 million from the state budget allocated for capital improvements to the facility, including the following:

  • Better ventilation in the newer Equine Arena. Permanent exhaust fans have replaced temporary fans used during events.
  • New overhead doors, including those leading into the Equine Arena
  • Fencing around outdoor exercise areas behind the complex.
  • Energy-efficient, brighter LED lighting in all of the halls.
  • A new sound system to improve sound quality in the arenas.