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USEF Hunter Seat Medal Final

Today known as the USEF Hunter Seat Medal Final, the American Horse Shows Association (AHSA) Equitation Medal was established in 1937 by the fourth President of the AHSA, Adrian Van Sinderen, as part of his strategy to connect horse people across the United States.

The original Van Sinderen Trophy was awarded to the junior equitation rider who accumulated the most points in AHSA Medal classes in a given competition year. At that time, Saddle Seat, Hunt Seat and Stock Seat riders were all vying for one trophy and often riding against one another in the same class. In 1948, the classes were divided into the individual riding disciplines. Van Sinderen had two more trophies made, one for Hunt Seat and the other for Stock Seat. The Saddle Seat discipline retained the original Van Sinderen Trophy. In 1950, the Medal Final was fashioned into the competition we now know, with qualifying classes and a final to determine the overall winner.

The AHSA (now USEF) Hunt Seat Medal Final first came to the Pennsylvania National Horse Show in 1968, and the PNHS has been its home ever since. Today, the Dover Saddlery/USEF Hunter Seat Medal is a coveted USEF prize and proves to be a significant stepping stone for international competitions as a great number of the past winners have gone on the represent the U.S. internationally.

The USEF Hunter Seat Medal Final is comprised of multiple rounds and judged on equitation over a course set at 3’6.” All riders compete in the first round of the Dover Saddlery/USEF Hunter Seat Medal Final. Judges select the top riders from round one to move on to compete in round two. The judges then have the option to select a smaller group of riders for further testing to determine the champion.

Past Winners: The Adrian Van Sinderen Memorial Trophy

2023 Carlee McCutcheon
2022 Luke Jensen
2021 Grace Debney
2020 Taylor Griffiths-Madden
2019 Emma Fletcher
2018 Brian Moggre
2017 Taylor St Jacques
2016 TJ O’Mara
2015 Kelli Cruciotti
2014 Spencer Smith
2013 Lillie Keenan
2012 Meg O’Mara
2011 Schaefer Raposa
2010 Hayley Barnhill
2009 Jessica Springsteen
2008 Kels Annabelle Bonham
2007 Kimberly McCormack
2006 Maggie McAlary
2005 Brianne Goutal
2004 Megan Young
2003 Lauren Van Eldik
2002 Maggie Jayne
2001 Randy Sherman
2000 Sarah B. Willeman
1999 Emily Williams

1998 Kent Farrington
1997 Lauren Bass
1996 Hillary Schlusemeyer
1995 Meredith Taylor
1994 Keri Potter
1993 Melanie Walters
1992 Jennifer Clarkson
1991 Laura Bowden
1990 Nicole Shahinian
1989 Ray Texel
1988 Cheryl Wilson
1987 Karen Nielsen
1986 Mia Wood
1985 Jenno Topping
1984 Francesca Mazella
1983 Laura O’Connor
1982 Sandra Nielsen
1981 Laura Tidball
1980 Joan Scharffenberger
1979 Mark Leone
1978 Hugh Mutch
1977 Elizabeth Sheehan
1976 Frances Steinwedell
1975 Cynthia Hankins
1974 Robin Ann Rost

1973 Buddy Brown
1972 Katie Monahan
1971 Joy Slater
1970 James Hulick
1969 Fred Bauer
1968 Brooke Hodgson
1967 Conrad Homfeld
1966 Rita Timpanero
1965 Chrystine Jones
1964 James Kohn
1963 Stephanie Steck
1962 Carol Altmann
1961 Bernard Traurig
1960 Mary Mairs
1959 Wendy Hanson
1958 Susan White
1957 Michael Del Balso
1956 Michael Page
1955 Wilson Dennehy
1954 Margaret McGinn
1953 Cynthia A. Stone
1952 George H. Morris
1951 Victor Hugo-Vidal
1950 Ronnie Mutch
1949 Nancy Jane Imboden
1948 Barbara Pease